Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Of all the things an Episcopal priest has to do, the most onerous is 'meetings'. Meetings can ruin a perfectly good day and throw everything out of whack.

But not in the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry. Meetings here get everything done that needs to be done and don't last long. Tonight we had a Cluster Council Meeting that lasted a few minutes under an hour and had reports from all three churches, my report as Interim Missioner, the treasurer's report and approval of the 2016 budget, the Cluster Administrator's report, old business and new business and prayer at the beginning and the end. And I got home in time to see much of The Voice.

Nothing wrong with that. Painless meetings make the world go 'round a little sweeter.

The people on the Council are wonderful. Engaged, committed and on target. Just the way it should be and makes me happy.

(Maybe I think 'the way it should be' is synonymous with 'what makes me happy'....)

Even that isn't a bad thing.

My 'being happy' is a good thing.

I also think the people on the Council are 'happy' about how meetings go.

We hadn't had one since September and will be skipping December since we passed the budget tonight.

How good is that?

Plus, since the Cluster works different than 'normal' Episcopal bodies, I don't have to lead the meetings. That too is a good thing.

What a joy this job is!

Everything I love about being a priest and no need to lead meetings.

Maybe I do believe in heaven and this is it.....

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