Monday, April 4, 2016


Bern's birthday was Saturday.

She turned 66.

When we met (in Latin class for goodness sake!) I was 17 and she was 14. We've known each other for 52 years and come September will have been married 46 of those years. I've known her 70% of her life.

I actually once figured out we've had at least 6 marriages.

The first one too young (I was 23 and she was 20) in Cambridge, MA.

The second in Morgantown--with her in NYC acting part of that.

The third in Alexandria, VA when I was in seminary and she was acting to support us in the DC area.

The fourth in Charleston, WV and New Haven when the kids were young.

The fifth in New Haven  and then Cheshire, after a brief separation.

The sixth all here in Cheshire, in an empty nest that has been empty for going on two decades.

I've grown from them all and learned more about myself and her.

But this last and longest one--well, it has been the sweetest.

I wish her devoutly many more years and hope to spend as many of them with her as I can.

High School sweethearts sometimes work out.....

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