Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm back....

Monday: drive to Bradley Airport, leave at 8:30 pm, go three terminals in Philadelphia, catch plane to Pittsburgh, get picked up by Dan and drive to Wellsburg, West Virginia (45 minutes) arrive about half-an hour after midnight. Sleep in Dan's Roman Catholic Rectory.

Tuesday: up at 7. Drive to Washington, PA to pick up Tony, Bern and Dan's first cousin, drive 5 hours to Princeton, WV, approve Angie's casket and deliver her burial stuff. Check into motel. Fall in motel shower hitting right calf, left foot and forehead. Go to Garrath and Monica's home outside Princeton with our son, Josh, who arrived after a 7 hour drive from Baltimore, eat with various cousins and high school friends, drive to motel at 10 p.m., watch the New York primary results, sleep.

Wednesday: up at 7. Eat free breakfast in motel (biscuits and sausage gravy!!!), go to funeral at St. John the Evangelist parish (Dan celebrated and preached--Episcopalians received communion!!!) go to graveyard, Dan chokes up, I finish interment, say good-bye to Josh, have lunch with Monica at Applebys, I drive to Washington, PA, we drop off Tony, Dan drives to his rectory. Hurried, put together dinner. Sleep.

Thursday: up at 6, coffee, drive to Pittsburgh airport, discover our plant to Philly is 57 minutes delayed because pilot is sick and they are flying in a pilot from Charlotte, NC (no way to run an airline!) get seats near the front of the plane because we're going to go 3 terminals to catch flight to Hartford, run last 1/8 mile, last people on plane, moved to exit row, rehurt foot running, take wheel chair at gate to place to catch bus to parking lot (my first time in wheelchair...probably not last) find car, drive home, eat two eggs and three sausages and Daan with jelly, go get Puli dog from kennel, come home.

All is finally well.

That was my week so far.

How was yours?

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