Friday, April 1, 2016

Stop the madness!

A republican Congressman from Alaska said that either Bernie or Hillary would practise "mind control" and tell Americans when to eat and what to eat.

A pastor from Texas accused Disney of declaring "war on Christianity" because the company objected to a vetoed bill in Georgia that was discriminatory against LGBT folks. He even wondered if you could still wear a cross 'outside your shirt' to a Disney theme park.

Donald Trump told Chris Matthews he wouldn't 'take off the table' using nuclear weapons in Europe and that women who got illegal abortions (which aren't illegal, by the way, Duh!) should be 'punished'.

Laws that restrict voting rights, access to safe abortions and rights for LGBT folks are popping up all over the country.

I mentioned all this to Bern. She just looked at me and said, "frightened white men".

Which may be true.

I abhor abortion but support a woman's right to choose to have one. I believe trans-gendered people should use which ever bathroom is most comfortable to them. I think voting rights should be expanded, not taken away. I think we should disassemble all nuclear weapons--all of us. I sometimes find Disney a bit corny but never 'anti-Christian'.

So, given Bern's explanation for all that stuff, I am either 'unafraid', non-white or a woman.

I'll go for the first explanation.....

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