Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Red Maple babies

Bern often tells me that I don't have any connection with the outside world. Truth is, I live in my head a lot.

She can move furniture and it takes me a day or two to notice. And stuff she moves around in the back yard--give me a break!--I seldom notice.

This evening, before dinner, I was out on the back porch. Spring in New England is warm in the sun and cool in the shade. I had on jeans and a sweater and the sun was just perfect across our back yard and I saw, as if for the first time, our Red Maple tree's babies. There are at least four of them in our eastern neighbor's yard.

One is 10 feet high--a few years--and the others are smaller, but not new, by any means.

Our Red Maple is 25 feet or so, just in back of our house and has a trunk shaped like a human body in many ways--arms up, torso just so. Morgan, our granddaughter, likes to climb it as far as you can. We've hung a mask on it like a head. It works.

But, for whyever, like me not noticing stuff, I hadn't seen the babies until the sun at 6:30 pm today.

And there they were. Lovely, with the same wondrous red leaves and reaching branches.

What all do I miss, living in my head, in the world out there.

Red Maple babies for sure.

What else...?

What else indeed....

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