Saturday, April 23, 2016

sudden Spring

After the post-Easter snows and days of rain, I looked around today at Spring.

Granted, I'd been gone two weeks--one in Ireland and one in West Virginia (neither of which seemed further along in Spring springing than Connecticut!)--but today it was all there.

The trees are budding, flowers are everywhere, birds are in profusion, the world is simply glorious.

Bern brought in a bouquet of jonquils from her garden--6 different kinds!

I wore shorts today. (The joke is that in New England people wear shorts with a hoodie.)

Winter wasn't nearly as brutal this year as in recent years, but the darkness and chill tend to drive down the Spirit. I'm writing this at 7:43 p.m. and there is still enough light to read on our porch.

Light is what is needed. Light brings the world to life.

As sudden as it seems, Spring has come in abundance.

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