Saturday, April 23, 2016

The New Yorker is too ironic this week for even me....

I love irony. Most of the time I look at life as ironic and it gives me both possibility and hope.

I love the cartoons in the New Yorker magazine. Mostly because they are so ironic.

But this week's edition has a couple of dozen cartoons and every single one of them (by design and irony, I'm sure) is about Donald Trump. Some are laugh out loud. Some are ponder and chuckle. Some are find someone to show it to. Some are just to smile about. The last one (by design and irony again) is of a cartoonist at his desk and his wife/secretary is at the door saying, "that Trump cartoon you did yesterday just happened!"

I liked them all and liked how ironic it was to have every cartoon deal with the same subject, even if it was The Donald.

But it raised an issue for me. Should we still be laughing?

The Trump Clown Show was a hoot for a long time. In fact, the whole Republican field (14 of them at one point!) was ripe for humor, irony and satire. But now that we're down to two very scary possibilities (Trump and Cruz) and one not so scary 'impossibility' (Kasich)--should we still be laughing?

I'm still pondering that question.

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