Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring in New England

After a lovely, though early, Easter, winter decided to come back to New England.

Three days ago--on the 2nd Sunday of the Easter season, it snowed. Not a lot but there had been high winds and my driving on country roads to Killingworth was like like an obstacle course, dodging tree limbs in the road. By the end of the day--after a little more snow--it seemed to be over.

Oh, no, beloved!

Monday brought another inch or two of snow and by the end of the day several hours of freezing rain and sleet.

I went out on Monday early afternoon to run some errands (getting currency for my trip to Ireland among them, picking up our taxes from the tax lady for another) When I came out of Stop and Shop it was sleeting and I had to take ice from my car before coming home. Then, with my car still warm, the onslaught continued.

This morning, getting ready to go to my clergy meeting, I walked the dog and then turned on my car's motor (of course the dog jumped in the car and then didn't want to get out!) and went in to have breakfast.

Having the car running for 20 minutes weakened the ice enough so that it only took me 10 minutes to clear it away. I cleaned Bern's truck in no time became she hadn't driven anywhere on Monday and the ice came off with the snow beneath.

And it's going to be 19 degrees tonight.

March did 'go out like a lamb'. You know how the rest goes. Old sayings get 'old' because they have some truth in them. Sure worked this year.

Welcome to Spring in New England!

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