Friday, April 29, 2016

A chip too far

In the store the other day I noticed that Lay's now has 'southern biscuits and gravy' potato chips.

Now, I love biscuits and gravy. It was a distinct 'food group' in my childhood. And everywhere I find them on a menu, I order them.

The last place I found them was in a little breakfast and lunch place in Higganum, CT, just the other day.

On the menu they were called "Hotlanta"--for the city in Georgia. I normally distrust sausage gravy made above the Mason-Dixon line but I tried them anyway with scrambled eggs. And they were great, best ever in CT at anywhere that isn't Cracker Barrel. (They did toast the biscuits, which no southerner (or Appalachian for that matter) would ever do. But the gravy made up for it. Truly.

The place is called Blue something and shares a building with a homemade ice cream place. If you like ice cream with your biscuits and gravy, you couldn't go wrong there.

It's called Blue Highway and is 900 something Killingworth Road. I've been there before and it has been great every time. They now owe my a Hotlanta on the house for the free advertising....

But given my love for biscuits and gravy (you can make white gravy with bacon as well as sausage, but it isn't as good--unless all you have is bacon!) I will not try a potato chip pretending to be biscuits and gravy! For one thing the texture couldn't be wrong-er! Biscuits and gravy sort of dissolve in you mouth with minimum chewing, unlike chips.

I did try some 'dill pickle' potato chips once. They did taste like dill pickles but had no pickle juice in the ingredients. Just chemicals I didn't recognize.

I wonder what chemicals masquerade for sausage and biscuits?

God help us....

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