Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I'm going to Ireland Saturday to help with a Making a Difference workshop.

I'll have a great time and learn so much about myself and love the Irish to bits.

And I don't want to go!!!

I'm old enough to tell the truth. I hate to travel.

I love being there, but getting there isn't 'half the fun' for me. I really don't like it.

I am, now I can admit, an unrepentant 'home-body'.

If someone told me I would never sleep another night that wasn't in Cheshire I would shake their hand and thank them!

Getting to and dealing with JFK airport is a nightmare out of the fifth ring of hell for me.

And though I don't mind flying, it does take up a lot of time and put me in discomfort.

I just don't get the mystery and wonder of travel.

Our vacation each year involves getting to a beach in North Carolina and staying there!

I like 'being put' is what it comes down to. Moving around the country and the world has no mystique for me.

95 Cornwall Avenue--now that's mystery and mystique and wonder to me. Right in our house I love so much.

That's what gives me joy.

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