Wednesday, May 18, 2016

feeling old

I had blood drawn today for two different doctors I have appointments with next week. Seeing doctors makes me feel old.

My joints hurting makes me feel old.

Not remembering the name of plants and people makes me feel old.

Being half-way through a book before I realize I've read it before makes me feel old.

Forgetting what I'm looking for makes me feel old.

But I have found a cure for 'feeling old'--go sit in the blood draw place for a while.

This morning, in the 20 minutes I was there I saw half-a-dozen people who were, no kidding, OLD.

They could hardly walk, had trouble breathing, had to have someone with them to answer questions, seemed not to know where they were.

I can walk, breathe well, answer questions and (usually) know where I am.

So, whenever I start feeling old, I'm going to sneak into Quest Labs for a while, read a book and watch the 'old people'. Then I'll feel young for a while....Until my ankle hurts or can't remember 'gardenia' or my neighbor's kid's name or am searching through the refrigerator for God knows what.

That will tell me this: time for a visit at the blood drawing place...(what's it called again?...oh, yeal, Quest Labs....

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