Monday, May 9, 2016

Web woes affect people differently

I discovered about noon that I couldn't get online from my computer.

I mentioned it to Bern a couple of hours later when we were both reading on the deck. She went into 'fix it mode'.

I also noticed a bunch of TV stations weren't on either. I have no idea why I know it but I just assume that Cox handles all the stuff for us and if there was something wrong with internet Wi-Fi then it was wrong with cable TV.

Bern goes up to where the router and other things are in my office and started unhooked things and hooking them up again--a trick she'd learned before.

No joy. I suggest the TV/Wi-Fi connection but she isn't convinced. She tries to go on-line on her smart phone to get advice, but, oops! the Wi-Fi isn't working....

She fussed and fooled with things which, when I asked her if she could tell me what to do about it, she said 'no'.

So, I read on the deck, having made sure the channel for The Voice was working and Bern fretted.

I was thinking I wouldn't have to read anything about Donald Trump or look at email tonight, while Bern tried to phone Cox--their lines were busy. During the Voice she figured out an optional way to get on line on her phone and tried to email Cox--Cox's email (no big surprise! was down).

Half way through The Voice she said the only way to contact Cox was by tweet and said she'd probably, soon, have to join Twitter.

I watched TV.

Some stations and the internet came back on--which is how I'm writing this.

When she said Wi-Fi was back up I thought, "oh sh*t, I have to look at emails after all...."

We talked about my lazzie faire (sp!) attitude and her upset. Turns out she has this thing in the back of her mind when tech stuff goes wrong it's somehow her fault and she has to fix it. She knows it's an irrational thought, but there it is.

I don't know enough about all the technology to even imagine I did something to damage it!

I like 'being off the Grid' from time to time. Bern can't abide it.

Web woes affect people differently, is all I have to say.

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