Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sleep really is the best medicine

I felt a little punk-ish (and I don't mean the rock music) when I went to bed Friday night. I had just finished some Spicy Cajun Trail Mix and I seldom eat anything after 8 pm. But I had no idea what awaited me.

I woke up at 3 am with stomach pain and nausea. Then at 5 am I woke up and rushed to the bathroom. By 7 I was convinced something was badly wrong. I walked the dog, still feeling nauseous but couldn't fix his food because we feed him dry food mixed with stuff we make ground turkey or hamburger with rice, spinach, sweet potato and carrots and I knew I couldn't look at that mixture and remain standing.

So, I went to bed and slept for 4 hours. I still couldn't face food so I slept for another 4 hours. Then I ate a soft boiled egg and slept for 2 hours. And I went to bed at 9 pm and slept until 6:30 am. That's about 19 hours sleep in 24. And when I woke up I felt fine and famished. I ate a big breakfast and went off to church.

I slept right through my stomach bug.

Sleep really is healing.

I'm told that when I was 11 I had mumps and measles at the same time. I was in a darkened room and slept for most of 4 days. That's what I was told. I clearly don't remember because I was asleep....

Only problem with this miracle cure is that the dog stayed in bed with me the whole time except when Bern came to get him to eat or walk. So today, I laid on the bed to read for half-an-hour or so and when I left the dog barked for 5 minutes, ordering me to come back.

Bela doesn't obey much of anything, but if you say 'go to the big bed' he's off up the steps....

Another thing, being abed so much Saturday, my ankles haven't hurt today (they've been bothering me for a month or so). Bern suggested I should spend a day a week in bed with books to help my ankles. It sounds a tad extreme, but, hey, I'm retired. I might just do it....

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