Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When will the madness end?

In the last few days Donald Trump has:

a) criticized the Republican Governor of New Mexico (the only Hispanic woman Republican Governor) probably because she hasn't endorsed him;

b) called the judge in the class action suit against Trump University for fraud, a Trump Hater and a Mexican. The judge was born in Indiana and is just doing his job;

c) castigated members of the press for asking him to reveal how the money he raised for vet's organizations has been distributed (until the Washington Post pointed out none of the money had been sent to any group--none of it had been!)

d) been endorsed by the state controlled newspaper in North Korea;

e) called William Kristol, much respected colemnist and writer, a 'loser';

f) continued to refuse to release his tax returns;

g) and on and on......

There was a cover story in this month's Atlantic Monthly called "Trump's Brain" by a deeply admired psychiatrist. Read it and weep.

Will the madness end....???

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