Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sudden Summer

It was in the 80's today, with low humidity. And it may be 90 tomorrow.

Here in Connecticut, we went from a cool, rainy Spring to a Sudden Summer.

It's going to cool off in a few days, the weather people say, but it's a real shock.

Connecticut is, like Ireland, a place where people say, "don't like the weather? Wait a few minutes."

Also, I read online that, though CT was cool and rainy in April and much of May so far, April was, world wide, the hottest April on record!

121 degrees in parts of India. A remarkable drought in much of Africa and Asia.

OK, if any 'climate change deniers" read this blog. Let me know how you can defend that in face of, what are they called again?--The Facts.

(The sad truth is, 'climate change deniers' probably don't read my blog. The very sad truth is, they read blogs of 'climate change deniers' and nothing else. And folks who read these musings and I, would never read a 'climate change denier' blog....)

This political cycle has proved that we are as divided a nation as we have ever been--and that can't be good in any way. The divide gets wider and deeper by the day.

I wish I could fix climate change only a little less than I wish I could fix the deepening, widening divide between us as a nation. Because climate change and nothing much will be 'fixed' as long as we're this divided.

I have four stickers on the back of my car. I call them, to anyone who asks, my four persons of the Trinity.

One is the state seal of West Virginia. That's where I came from and in many ways, that's who I am. Monti semper libere--is our motto, we West Virginians: "Mountaineers are always free". God love us.

The second is the latitude and longitude for Oak Island, North Carolina, where we have gone for vacation as a couple, a family, a family with friends, and with Tim and Mimi and John and Sherrie--all told well over 30 times. Oak Island matters. In my "do not open until my death" letter, I ask that some of my ashes be left on the waters off Oak Island.

The third is the Episcopal Church seal. Nough said about that.

The last is, from 4 years ago, an "Obama 2012" sticker. He was a very good president, I think, who could have been a 'great president' if it weren't for this 'divide' among us.

I'm not even sure what the 'divide' is any more since both Trump and Bernie (eons apart politically) are tapping into the divide.

I don't think it is as simple as 'the establishment' vs. 'the people'. I think it's more complicated than that, though I don't quite know how.

But, since our planet, which has been around for billions of years, is getting hotter and more unstable than its ever been--we need to turn our attention to finding 'common ground' rather than making what divides us deeper and wider.

It's not just the republic that needs us to do that--find common ground--it is this fragile earth, our island home.


Ponder that, please, please, please with sugar on it.

It's that vital and important.

Like the life of the Planet.

'nough said.....'

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