Wednesday, May 4, 2016

getting hurt...getting old

I hurt my foot two weeks ago. It's only now feeling back to normal.

Time was, it took two days rather than two weeks to heal from something like that.

Everything slows down as you get old.

Even time, it seems to me.

Oh, yes, a year seems to flash by, just the way they tell us it will as you age.

But I'm not talking about years. I'm talking about moments.

It seems to me that as I grow old, moments stretch out a bit. I am 'present' to the 'present' in a way I couldn't be when I was a younger human being.

"Being in the moment", I've noticed, lingers longer than it used to.

I think the whole 'time passes faster as we age' thing is because we have more 'past' to live in each day.

When I was a child, I had so much 'future' to imagine that I didn't fully appreciate 'the moment'. That went on and on I think--living into the future...until at some point you notice you have more 'past' than 'future' and you start dwelling back there in 'what was',

For me, one of joys and comforts of growing older (never mind taking longer to heal) is that 'past' and 'future' seem less important than 'right now'.

Moments expand for me because I am able to be more fully 'being' in the present.

When  you are young, the future is a gift yet to be unwrapped. And too often, as we age, the past becomes an old gift to be poured over.

But for me, being here now, has become more and more possible. And that, I suggest, is the best gift of them all.

Savor the moment. That one and that one and this one just appearing....Be there in each of them.

The past cannot be undone. The future is yet to come.

But 'right now'....Well, that's the place to be, it seems to me.

Join me there...when you can....

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