Sunday, May 1, 2016

memo to the DCCC

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sends me up to 5 emails a day!

Some are signed by Nancy Pelosi,  some by Joe Biden, some by Harry Reid, some by the President and one from Michele Obama telling me I've let her husband down.

They're all like that. Verging on hysteria, full of doom and gloom and evil Republican fund raisers, trying everything to make me guilty enough to send them more money.

I've sent them 5 emails in return telling them 'guilt goes away' and shame doesn't work with me. I tell them to tell me all the good things the Democrats want to do in the next term regarding sensible and open immigration policy, real equality for Blacks, other minorities, women and the LGBTQ community, raising taxes on the rich, building infrastructure, staying out of regional conflicts, and on and on.

They answer my emails each time--but it's obvious their 'response' is generated by the same computer that sends me the emails in the first place because they always tell me something nefarious the Republicans are up to and beg me for money (after thanking me for the email I sent!!!)

Really, DCCC, some people like carrots instead of sticks!

I give you money from time to time but only because I want more democrats in Congress, not because you scared, threatened or cajoled me into it....

Lighten up your message. Make me feel good for giving rather than bad for not giving.

Seems pretty simple to me. "Good news" = "generous support".  Just like that.

(Besides, my first email today was Nancy Pelosi thanking me for a donation I did not give!)

Reminds me of Will Rodger's quip: "I don't belong to an organized political party...I'm a Democrat...."

p.s. please forward this to National Public Radio--they could stand some optimism and good news in their fund raising too....

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