Tuesday, May 3, 2016

you won't have Ted Cruz to kick around any more

The evening after Ted Cruz's most serious attack on Donald Trump (calling him, among other things: 'a serial philanderer' and 'a pathological liar) Cruz suspended his campaign for the GOP nomination for President.

He lost Indiana by double digits in percentage and Trump is almost certainly the nominee.

I won't miss him. He always stuck me as more dangerous than Trump in the long run. Cruz is a 'true believer' and true believers are always dangerous. Trump, at least, has no discernible 'beliefs', true or otherwise.

So, it's all over but the shouting in the Republican race.

Tell me the truth: a year ago would you have ever imagined this scenario?

Who did?

In my lifetime--which is getting longer daily--nothing like this has ever happened.

I am at a loss to explain the anger that has become the vehicle of Trump's ascension. Maybe, like NYTimes writer, David Brooks, said this week--I need to get out and meet some 'real people'.

Someone like me: a person who has admired and supported President Obama, a person for whom the 'great recession' made no difference in my life, a person who thinks America is 'great' already, a person who supports amnesty for undocumented immigrants and openness to the masses fleeing the Middle East and Africa, a person who fully supports Black Lives Matter and the LBGTQ community, a person who believes in equal rights for all and taxes raised to provide money for education, infrastructure and the poor...well, I guess I'm not 'real enough' any more.

May God have mercy on us all. The time between now and November 8 my try all our souls.

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