Monday, November 28, 2016

5th Open Letter to my Granddaughters

Dear Morgan, Emma, Tegan and Ellie,

I just spent Thanksgiving weekend with you, Ellie (though, at 3 months, 2 weeks of age, I don't expect you  to remember it--though you are VERY, VERY all my granddaughters!) and Christmas, less than a month away, I'll be with you all and your parents and Lara dog. What a joy that will be. And less than 30 sleeps away....

(Less than 30 sleeps away...that's how your Grandma and I told our children to wait for things. "Your birthday is 5 sleeps away," we'd say. Or, "two sleeps and we'll go on vacation". Stuff like that. Your Grandma and I still say things like that to each other...("28 sleeps and our granddaughters will all be here....")

So true. So, what could be wrong in the world?

Plus, my loves, Grandpa walked without a brace today! It was at PT (which means 'physical therapy', something I pray you don't have to know about for years and years...) and I rode a bike with the seat way back because I can only bend my right knee 110 degrees--but it was only 88 degrees just a week ago!) The brace from my ankle to my thigh (another thing I hope you never experience) has been on since September 28 and it's only been 10 days or so I could walk without crutches and drive my car. It'll be on for another 20 sleeps or so, but at PT I take it off and do things I long to do with my leg.

So, if after two months of being braced I can, twice a week, walk without it, what could be wrong in the world?

Well, dear hearts, I'm still in mourning about Donald Trump being our President-Elect. I would have rather it been Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders but I would have been delighted for it to be Hillary Clinton. And it isn't. It's Trump and I'm a mess some of the time.

Donald tweets. I'm sure the three older girls have heard the word--but DON'T DO IT, PLEASE! And I hope it is made illegal by the United Nations before Ellie possibly could. Your Grandpa doesn't tweet and never will. Ever. Not ever.

Donald tweets terrible things at ridiculous hours.

The latest is this: since there is going to be a recount of the votes in Wisconsin because Jill Stein, the Green Party Candidate is paying for it, Donald tweeted that he would have won the popular vote if three million illegal votes had not been cast for Hillary.

OK, by dears, 'voter fraud' simply doesn't exist in any appreciable way in the US. Just doesn't. And more than two million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than for the Donald. That makes Democrats winning 6 of the last 7 Presidential Elections in the 'popular vote' but losing two of those in the Electoral College. (I won't explain what "the Electoral College" is since I hope it is not in existence when any of you can vote). Twice in the last 7 Presidential Elections, more Americans have voted for the Democrat than the Republican and the Republican has won.

Go figure!!!

That's what's wrong in the world where elections are held.

And now, get this my precious girls, the man who won is questioning the vote in the election he won....

Give me a break. I need a vineyard for the next four years....

Love you girls, you almost make Donald bearable....


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