Saturday, November 26, 2016


It was just Mimi and Tim and Ellie and John and Bern and me for Thanksgiving.

We kept saying "Well, it's just us," when anything came up, like: is the turkey OK? How's the pie? The green bean casserole is runny...."

"Well, it's JUST us..." we would say, since 5 adults and a baby is a small number for a major holiday at our house.

It was 'just right' with 'just us'.

And Ellie is a marvel--the happiest, calmest, sweetest baby ever. Just over 3 months and a complete joy.

Jack and Sherry came back Friday with John and we did some "just us" jokes again, because, honestly, Jack, Sherry and John are the closest friends Bern and I, it is 'just us'.

An example of Ellie: Mimi brought her down this morning and put her in her little seat that rocks and has Dino and other things to distract or entertain her. I was fixing my breakfast and Tim was napping and Bern was doing something in the basement so I'd walk over and say "Hi" to Ellie while I cooked and then ate. After 15 minutes or so, Bern came in and I said, "I've got you a present". And she said, "what?" And I answered, pointing to Ellie on her seat on the floor on the room that's part of the kitchen, "the best baby...."

For another 15 minutes, Bern talked with her and played with her without picking her up and Ellie was satisfied with that.

Mimi came down and talked with Bern and I for another 15 minutes at least and Ellie hung out by the fireplace in her seat.

Really, almost an hour of being engaged and interested and sweet without being picked up.

I'm not sure either of our children were engaged, interested and sweet without being carried around for an hour total before they were four months!!!

What a baby.

What a great "just us" holiday--quiet, full of food and laughter and a bit of alcohol, sweet, engaging, interesting and lovely beyond words.


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