Monday, November 21, 2016


This morning was really chill. Some random flakes of snow blowing. Most of the leaves are gone after two days of high wind.

Perhaps winter has come.

It's strange how we change as we go through life. I used to hate winter. I mean HATE IT!

The dark, the cold, the ice and snow--all of it inspired hatred in me. I never had any interest in winter sports at all. I just wanted to find somewhere warm and wait it out....

It was summer and heat I loved. People would say, "hot enough for you?" and I'd answer "No! Not nearly hot enough! And how about a little more humidity while we're at it!"

My fervor for heat gradually changed. I came to appreciate shade and air conditioning. And the older I got, the less I liked hot days.

As one love diminished, I began to have affection for chill mornings, for snow (within reason!) and for the quiet darkness of the wintertime.

One thing I figured out along the way--you can always put on more clothes to combat the cold. But when you're nearly nude and still feel hot and sweaty, you can't take off your skin. (I guess, technically, you could flay yourself, but that would cause more problems than it solved!)

So, on this first day that feels like 'winter', I welcome you. I invite you into my life. I will be patient and understanding about all the inconveniences you bring. And I will sleep through much of your Darkness....

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