Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My life....

"I've discovered I have a beyond wonderful life," I told Bern a while ago.

She looked at me waiting.

"I went to Physical Therapy with a book and when I opened it I knew I'd read it before," I told her. "And that is the worst thing that's happened in my life for weeks. So I realized how wonderful my life is."

Bern just smiled. "Pretty good life," she finally said.

With Thanksgiving just past and the gift of the Christ Child coming, I need to be constantly aware of how wonderful my life is.

The only danger is 'survivor's guilt'--like someone who walks away from a plane crash and can't figure out why they lived and others didn't.

I wonder, for time to time, if I should feel guilty about being so blessed when others suffer.

Since I don't for a moment believe "I deserve it", my blessings actually give me more compassion than I'd have otherwise.

So, I'll just take it and give abundant thanks and work and pray for those whose lives have more pain and confusion than mine.

I need to 'pay forward' more....for such a life, I have a lot to pay....

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