Thursday, November 3, 2016

It's over!!!

No, not the election (God help us, 5 days...) but the drought of World Series wins for the lovable, but over a century hapless Chicago Cubs.

Chicago or Cleveland: a hard choice for someone outside those two cities. I liked the Indians a tad better, but with two such hard-lucked franchises, how could you lose?

Cleveland, at least, had won in my lifetime--though I was only 7 months old. Chicago's woes went back another 40 years.

I left the game in the 8th last night--too sleepy to watch anymore. And lucky for me--if I'd seen the Indians tie what seemed like an impossible game, I would (just to show my baseball love) had stayed up into the wee hours...through the rain delay, to the end.

Bern watched much of the Series with me.

When we were first married, I took her to a Yankee/Red Sox game at Fenway  Park and she gave up on watching ("nothing happens," she said) with the score 0-0 in the bottom of the 9th. We were barely outside when Frank Malzone (yes, that long ago!!!) hit a home run to win the game.

This year, at some point in one of the low scoring games, Bern said, "baseball is a beautiful game".

Baseball--anyone can come to love it!

Good try, Tribe.

Go Cubbies....!

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