Saturday, October 21, 2017


Autumn is my favorite season. Here in New England it is the time to wear shorts with a sweater!

The leaves seem to be taking their time turning their festive colors--climate change and more rain than usual, I suspect. Surely further north than Connecticut the trees are ablaze by now.

Warmish days and chilly nights, what can beat that?

I know I've mentioned it before, but Autumn brings to mind the place I grew up, in the southernmost county of West Virginia. (I just looked on a map to make sure I'm not lying--where I grew up was several miles south of Richmond, Virginia. Anawalt was in a valley that was still 1680 feet above sea level while Richmond is 150 feet above sea level (looked those up too!)

Even that far south, being up in the mountains made for an ideal climate. Four months of Spring and Autumn and two months of Summer and Winter. Winters were a lot worse in the mountains than in Richmond, but nothing like Connecticut. And Spring and Autumn just lingered and lingered.

I'm tempted to look at the long term weather predictions, but I think I'll just keep on my shorts and my sweater and hope this weather lingers and lingers as well.

And I do hope the leaves get riotous soon....

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