Monday, October 23, 2017

Heads up....

I have these photos on my computer that sequence when I'm away for a while. They're all a decade old or so. Photos of pets who are now dead are there (grieve, grieve) and photos of the twins (Morgan and Emma) as babies in Brooklyn and at our house (joy, joy). And photos of flowers of all things--I must have thought of myself as a nature photographer at some point.

But most, most of all, there are photos of Joshua Dylan and Jeremy Johanna (Josh and Mimi) our two children. Cathy Chen, Josh's wife and mother of three granddaughters is there. No Tim McCarthy, Mimi's husband and father of one granddaughter--he wasn't around a decade or so ago. And lots of photos of Bern with babies and pets and son and daughter.

But what I'm going to write about tomorrow or Wednesday (don't hold me to one or the other) is the photos of Josh and Mimi.

Lordy, Lordy, our creations, our children, my heart.

I've never really shared my emotions about them.

But I will soon. From those photos I see every day.

Heads up. Stay tuned.

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