Monday, October 23, 2017

Bela's first letter

Our dog got a letter today.

It was the first letter he ever received and he's 12 years old (84 in human years though I think I heard they changed the 7 year thing).

Bern has four letters and starts with B, so when I glanced at it I thought it must be for her. Then I looked again and it was 'Bela'!

He's gotten post cards from the vet telling him he is due some shot--but this was a letter in an envelope. First one ever for him.

It was from another dog. A dog of a politician.

Politician dogs must be smarter than other dogs because it was from a word processor. Bela can't spell much less type.

I thought it was a little (not much) whimsical. Bern, who hates politicians thought it was cheesy and dumb, plain dumb.

I don't know what Bela thought. I told him he got a letter but he didn't ask me to read it to him and I know he can't read.

You'd think a politician's dog--someone running for office in Cheshire--would know regular dogs can't read. So I guess politicians' dogs aren't that smart after all.

But the typing is impressive....

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