Saturday, October 7, 2017

my two chipmunks

Bern is an outlandish tennis fan. When the Australian, French, Wimbledon and America tennis tourneys are on, nothing else is on TV in our house.

Since she learned to like baseball for me, I've learned to love tennis for her.

And my favorite player, from the beginning and always, has been Simona Halep from Roumania. I love Simona because she looks like a chipmunk--wonderful cheeks and eyes that sparkle.

Simona just got to the finals of the China Open and is now ranked NUMBER ONE in the world for women players! Bless her. She's so cute. I adore her.

And my other chipmunk is Tegan Bradley. my granddaughter who is 8 tomorrow. We sent her a gift already and will talk with her tomorrow on the phone.

She looks like Simona to me. Lots of cheeks and a feisty little attitude to boot.

Simona and my Tegan--both winners and #1 in my heart..

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