Friday, October 13, 2017

Bela and the Yankees

I realized today, teaching the last class of the course I led at UConn in Waterbury on 'Reading the Gospels Side By Side" that the two things keeping me from being in despair about the President who shall not be named are my dog and the Yankees.

As horrible as things are in Washington and as inappropriate and unqualified the President is, I am distracted by one painful thing and  one exciting thing--Bela and the Yankees.

I'm doing much better as Bela's Man these days--understanding that my anger is grief and trying to make his life as good as possible. You don't spend 12 years with a dog and not be full of fear and anguish when he is in decline. Everything with him simply takes longer--much longer than it did before. So I get to work with patience and understanding--just as I hope those who care for me some day will do.

And the Yankees--two years ahead of schedule--are in the American League Championship--7 games from the World Series. Oh, my Lord, I didn't expect it and it feels so good.

Game One tonight in Houston. I can hardly wait though it makes me nervous and crazy at the same time.

Bela and the Yankees--keeping me in patience and excitement that in no way is inspired by what's going on in the country and the world.

Thank you both--little Puli Dog and the Baby Bombers--for some distraction and things to care about to keep me sane....

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