Monday, October 2, 2017

How long and how many, Oh Lord?

Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Orlando, San Beradino, and now Los long and how many until we finally admit 'guns kill people'--especially the kind of guns used in those events.

When does a law abiding hunter need 2000 rounds of ammunition for an automatic rifle or sub-machine gun?

These deaths and the ones before are, for my money, on the heads and souls of the NRA and Republicans.

No civilian would ever need the weapons Steven Paddock had in that 38th floor room. None should ever have them.

Forgive me if I disrespect the second Amendment--I do, since when it was passed their were little more than single shot guns available and it applies to "militias" needed to protect the country not to civilians like Steven Paddock.

For once I will, however, say something positive about the President Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: he was 'the Comforter in Chief' for a change in his words today. Gracious and measured and concerned. Thank whoever muzzled him!

How many must die before we as a society come to our senses about guns?

Probably a lot more, if we ever come to our senses....

Pray for the dead and grieving and forlorn of Los Vegas....

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