Sunday, October 8, 2017

dumber than kneeling

So Mike Pence went to Indianapolis today (on our dime, I assure you) just so he could walk out when players knelt during the national anthem. At least their symbolic kneeling is 'for something'--less police abuse of Black folks...Pence's was just so he could say he did it.

Bob Corker, retiring Senator, was attacked in tweets by Trump (I'm glad I don't know how to tweet or read them!) for not running again and saying it was because Trump wouldn't endorse him. Which, in case you wondered, was called untrue by several sources. People in Corker's group in fact said that Trump had called the Senator last week to talk him into running again and promising his endorsement.

Corker (bless his heart!) tweeted in reply, "it's a shame the White House has turned into Adult Daycare Center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning."

Love you, Bob Corker.....

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