Thursday, January 27, 2022

Black lives matter (too)

That should have been the slogan the Black and Brown people used.

That would have made "All Lives Matter" make no sense.

Why are so many white people afraid of minorities?

Because whites will be in a minority in 30 or 40 years?

Because white folks think the tables will be turned and they'll be discriminated against by black/brown/yellow/red people?

Look at South Africa. When the black majority took over things were better for ALL people.

If the slogan had been Black Lives Matter Too, shouting All Lives Matter wouldn't have been possible.

I spent my full time ministry for 5 years in a vastly Black Church, for 5 years in a church that was a third Black and 21 years in a congregation that was more than a third black and West Indian and with a congregation that was Hispanic that was over 100 people.

I trust people of color more than I trust white people.

They have experienced ridiculous discrimination an would not inflict it on others because they know how it feels.

So, back off on ALL LIVES MATTER, unless you are including people of color equally in that statement.

They matter too.


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