Monday, January 10, 2022

Right now

It's 4:28 on Monday and I can hear Bern down the hall talking on Facetime with our grand-daughter, Elinor. 

They do this Mon/Wed/Fri.

They play with dolls, tell stories, sing songs.

It's wonderful!

I sometimes pop in for a while, but it is THEIR time and I know it.

It's also very cold.

Into the single digits tonight and cold for the next few days.

Tomorrow will be the worst, with a high in the teens.

I hate the cold--as I know you know.

I would want to go south, but this year the weather is so weird that only south Florida would work.

And I hate Florida for many reasons.

I have several doctor's appointments this week.

Not looking forward to that.

It's tough getting older--but way better than the alternative.

That's what I'm thinking about, right now....


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