Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Why I'm an agostic about the after-life

I realized I ended that last post on an odd note--not knowing if I believe in the 'after-life'.

I thought I should explain.

I am an Episcopal priest for nearly 30 years now.

I believe I am a good priest to dying people and their loved ones.

But I never say anything like 'he's in a better place now' or 'she's with God now'.

Because I don't know.

I'm a Christian and a priest because I believe Jesus taught us 'how to live our lives', not about whatever comes after.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Give to the poor.

Dedicate yourself to peace and harmony.

Love even your enemy.

Lay down your life for you friends.

Embrace and share 'healing'.

Call others to join you in all that.

If we can do all those things, we needn't worry about what comes after death.

Whatever it is, we have done the best with our living.

That's what matters.

That may be all that matters.

Just me pondering and talkin'....


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