Friday, January 14, 2022

Central heat

 I grew up until I went to college in a two bedroom apartment over a grocery store with no central heat.

The store kept us relatively warm in the winter with a coat stove we had in the living room and a wood oven in the kitchen.

But when I was 16 the store closed and there were two years of very cold winters.

Our bathroom had no heat, so we bathed in a tub by the coal stove filled with water heated by the stove in the kitchen.

I never lived with central heat until I went to college at WVU and lived in Borman hall.

When I went home on college time off, my parents had moved to Princeton, WV and had central heat.

They waited  for me to leave to get central heat.

I love, love, love central heat.

It's going to be in the single digits tonight but we'll be warm inside.

Cozy and warm.

I told Bern today that one of the things I'm thankful for is central heat.

And I am.

(By the way--over 300 views yesterday along with 159 the day before. You guys and gals are BACK!!! Thanks so much for dropping in to read.)


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