Monday, January 24, 2022

Trinity, Milton

Trinity's annual meeting was after Eucharist on Sunday.

(No coffee hour, which are great, because of Covid.)

The meeting was fine--though I hate meetings--but I love the people so much I can put up with meetings!

But I've loved the people everywhere I have served, unlike many priests I know.

Maybe, I'm just a great priest--or, more likely, I've been very, very lucky!

The music at Trinity is remarkable for a small church--for any church, for that matter. Michael, the music man, is the best I've ever worked with--and I've worked with some great ones. And Jordan, the singing leader is in a league by himself.

The people are so smart and friendly and kind--couldn't ask for more than that.

They do a lot in the community--like every church I've served.

And that's what churches are for--to inspire people to reach out and help others.

So, I'm very secure and settled and happy at Trinity.

Long may we work together.


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