Thursday, July 30, 2020

Give me a break!

The president wants to 'delay' the election since mail-in ballots will be rigged.

Give me a break. Several states have been doing mail-in voting for years--no problem!

And this on the day of the funeral of Congressman John Lewis, at which three former Presidents (Bush, Clinton and Obama) spoke in one of the longest and most deserved send offs anyone has ever deserved. And the current president didn't even go to the rotunda of the capitol to pay tribute to a truly great American.

Bern watched the whole funeral and cried many times. I watched Obama's eulogy and realized it was a campaign speech for Biden. And a great one. And one Lewis would have approved of and applauded.

Such a contrast--Obama and the current holder of his office.

Authority, calmness, wisdom and honor as opposed to the current president's complaints, refusal to take responsibility, whining and lies.

"Why are Dr. Fauci's approval ratings so high", he asked the other day, "and nobody likes me."

Maybe because Fauci is trying to save lives and you are letting people die because of months of inaction!

My heart breaks for our country and the threat to our democracy.

My heart soared to hear three former Presidents' words.

John Lewis died for freedom and equality. We must, each of us, find a way to fight and fight hard for those sacred values. 
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