Saturday, July 25, 2020

I'm writing little this week....

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I am so upset with the President that I dare not write since I couldn't avoid words that start with 'f' and 'gd'.

The invasion of cities like Portland with unmarked, unnamed, federal 'storm troopers' is such an egregious violation of the constitution that I can't decently write about it.

And breaking a 250 year old rule about the census--not counting anyone who isn't a citizen--completely undoes what the census means. We 'count' 'who is here'. End of discussion.

And the Republicans in the Senate unable to pass a bill to address the financial needs the Virus has caused. (Well, at least for dirty Mitch to get enough votes to pass anything, he must rely on Democrats who will include more into the bill...if it ever comes to a vote. The House passed a bill for financial help in May. Now it's the end of July and the Senate has done doddley-squat.)

Never mind that Things are Going to Hell with the virus and there is still no leadership on a national level to deal with. And it has to be a national response, not left up to states.

We're beginning to think we won't be able to go to Oak Island, NC in September. North Carolina is a 'hot spot' and if we fly back we could be put somewhere by CT for two weeks.

So much is happening and I can't seem to settle down enough to write about it.

I apologize.

I woke up this morning and wasn't sure what day it was.

That's how crazy things are right now--days blur, weeks pass without awareness, nothing much makes sense.

100 days to the election.


And vote.

(These opinions are mine and mine only.)

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