Thursday, July 2, 2020

It's truly summer today

We cool our house with three air conditioners and fans. The huge AC in my office, helped by a fan at the bottom of the stairs cools the whole downstairs. There's one in the bedroom and our TV room.

It works well. When I stepped outside this afternoon, I realized how well. It was like going into a sauna. 

We have others for bedrooms, but no one is going to be staying over any time soon.

There were fire-flies tonight. First sighting this year.

I love them, but they remind me of the serial murder my parents let me commit.

I would catch them in my Uncle Russel's front yard--our back yard since his house was behind our apartment.

I would put them in a jar with holes punched in the top.

But I never let them go.

The joy I felt as a child, catching them, is replaced by sorrow and regret as an adult for killing so many of them

Every time I see one, I feel delight--but also that sorrow and regret.

l hope the fire-fly god forgives me.

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