Monday, July 27, 2020

So many robins and one black bird 
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I was out on our deck a few minutes ago and their were seven robins waiting their turn at the bird bath.

One robin cut line, but retreated to let the next robin get a drink and wash itself.

So many robins. They lift me heart.

The black bird wasn't in our back yard, it was in Washington, D.C.

The president, who will not be named here, announced to reporters before he flew off in his helicopter that he would 'not' visit the capitol rotunda to show respect for Congressman John Lewis, whose body lies in state in those hallowed hall.

Mitch McConnell and many other republicans have already been there. Mike Pence will go. Joe Biden will go.

John Lewis was a civil rights icon and 'the conscience of the congress'. And the president won't go to pay his respect.

The last thing the president would like to be called is a 'black' bird.

Things black and brown are not in his vocabulary.

But he is 'black', as in 'tainted' and 'burnt' for not showing respect to one of the great men of our times.

Sorry, Mr. president, but it's true....


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