Friday, July 24, 2020

Nature is greater than us
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We got the long promised thunderstorm last night in Cheshire.

It was astonishing.

Lots of thunder and lightening that outlined the trees perfectly.

Hard rain for a while.

The sounds echoed and re-echoed around town.

Nature is greater than us.

What a show Mother Nature can put on.

I stood on the back porch for a long time, watching the lightening and listening to the rolling thunder and the rain.

Then, this afternoon, a rabbit was in our yard. It had the longest ears I'd ever seen on a local bunny. I watched him for a long time too. Whenever a bird would call, the bunny would lift his head and listen.

That bunny and those birds are precious in my heart.

And what are we doing to save all this wonder of nature.

Not much.

Maybe nature would be better off without us around.

Ponder that.

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