Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I stubbed my toe

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I stubbed my toe last night in my sandals, I do that a lot. I'm pretty clumsy.

But today, my middle toe on my left foot is dark blue. It hurts when I walk.

But my hands are free of bruises. You see, I have very thin blood, so I bruise easily. Doctors tell me I'm lucky not to take blood thinners. I don't need them. But I bruise a lot.

Good luck and bad luck go hand and hand, I'd say.

Nature is good luck.

I was out on our back deck yesterday morning and there were dozens of birds--all sizes, all kinds.

Plus two chipmunks.

Then a squirrel came along and scared most of the birds away.

But a Blue Jay flew down. They are very aggressive birds. I hoped he was going to go after the squirrel. I would have liked to see that.

But he just got a drink out of our bird bath.

I watched longer than I meant to.

Nature is 'good news'.

I guess climate change is the 'bad news that holds nature's hand.

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