Tuesday, July 7, 2020

"We're in a good place...."

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That's what the President said today: "we're in a good place" with Covid-19.

That just isn't true. 41 states have rising infection rates. 7 are holding steady and only 4--CT, MA, VT and NH--have infection rates falling. Yea for New England!

Fauci and other medical experts say cases are rising at an enormous rate and we could have over 200,000 Americans dead by election day.

Plus, the President and Betsy De Vose, Sec. of Education, and mandating that schools reopen at full capacity the end of August. Many won't, I'm sure, caring more about student and teacher safety than full enrollment. They will try to open with masks, hand sanatizers and social distancing.

The President called such precautions "politically motivated", though, in truth they are 'public health concern' motivated!

He still insists that we 'test' more than anywhere and the tests are the reason for the rising cases.

We don't test more per capita than anywhere else and the virus is the reason for the rising cases.

Plus, TV networks and newspapers have copies of his niece's book. She's a psychologist and her observations about the President are devastating. 

Finally, his recent remarks that sound so racially insensitive about the protestors and NASCAR and the Confederate flag, fly in the face of a clear majority of American opinions.

Not a "good place" for the President to be right now.

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