Friday, July 3, 2020

Evidence to the contrary will take you to you tube reading from my blog.

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In spite of evidence to the contrary, I don't set out to be political here--it's simply too hard to avoid.

The President's visit to Mount Rushmore for fireworks with a huge crowd not required to social distance or wear masks, has too many things wrong to explain.

The celebration of the 4th of July should honor America and Americans. Instead, this rally is putting Americans at risk of contracting Covid 19 and possibly dying and will doubtless add to the already disgraceful failure of this nation to contain the virus.

Plus, fireworks have been outlawed in the Black Hills for over a decade because of the danger of forest fires that wreck havoc on the area.

And Mount Rushmore was Lakota Indian land that was taken from them with less compensation than should have been given. It took 50 years for the Supreme Court to order the government to give four tribes more compensation for the land grab.

Two of the Presidents depicted (Washington and Jefferson) owned slaves and all four were seen as enemies by Native Americas. The descendants of those people will be protesting at the rally.

And, few people know this, the sculptor who did most of the work was from Atlanta, Georgia and a major organizer for the KKK.

He also sculpted the likenesses of Confederate heroes in a huge monument in the South--during that time encouraging the growth of the KKK to provide more funding for his project.

Lots of things to ponder about the President's actions today.

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