Wednesday, September 30, 2020

D.D. and the debate

I won't give you more than his initials--D.D.

He was the bully who plagued me through grade school and until the 7th grade.

Then one day he told me he was going to beat me up at the underpass that passed under the train tracks at the bottom of the hill from our school.

I got down there first and got two rocks in my hands from the stream there and waited for him to come.

When he saw the rocks in my fists, he kept walking and never bothered me again.

Bullies only bully until you stand up to them, then they back down, being weak under all their bluster.

The President reminded me of D.D. in last night's debate, talking over both Biden and Wallace, always interrupting, never letting other people complete a sentence, lying and threatening, being as un-presidential as anyone could be.

I was sorry I watched it, but the Yankees, who I thought would keep me watching, blew out the Indians and I happened to click over and was hooked.

After that display of not playing by the rules, complaining about everything, telling falsehood after falsehood, I truly can't imagine how people still support him (except White Supremacists, who he wouldn't disavow). It was so bad that the Presidential Debate Committee have announced they'll be adding more restrictions to have a clear and respectful debate.

A sad, tragic and painful moment for our democracy--the way our president acted in front of the world. (People from 200 countries were watching--what do you think they think of us now.)

Pick up some rocks in your fists and vote.

(all opinions here are mine and mine only)



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