Friday, September 18, 2020

A contrast of opposites

(ok, very political, if you want to avoid that)

Both the president and Joe Biden held town hall meetings this week. The president was in a hall in Philly and Joe was at a drive-in movie theater in Scranton.

That wasn't the only contrast.

George Stephandopilis (if I could spell his name) hosted the president and was fact checking him all the way through the 2 hours or so. Anderson Cooper didn't have to fact check Joe at all. He told the truth.

The president contradicted things he had said about the pandemic and health care and George called him on it.

Joe spoke with compassion and care to everyone, even the Republicans who asked him questions. There was genuine concern for the people asking him the questions. The president just tried to make political points.

Joe pointed out things he disagreed with the president about while the president downgraded Joe several times.

The president has made a big mistake in calling Joe names and labeling him 'slow' and 'not smart'. It lowers the bar for Joe so he'll sound brilliant in the debates if he merely makes sense!

Such a contrast between two men and two opponents.

(Just found out)

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died today.

Want to make a bet the the president and Mitch will try to replace her even if the president loses in 45 days?

I bet they will.

She was a champion of the Constitution and human rights. She will be missed.

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