Wednesday, September 23, 2020

What's up with me today

 Lots of things are up with me today.

RBG's lying in state in the Supreme Court.

(Where does the term 'lying in state' come from? I'll google it later.)

Chief Justice Roberts' loving remarks. The woman rabbi who did prayers. The thousand of people--most of all mothers' with their daughters--who came to mourn an icon of feminism.

The nonsense in Washington about replacing her before the election. And the lack of Republican Senators to remember what they said nine months before the 2016 election about Obama's election year appointment--9 months, not 45 days.

No Supreme court appointment after July was ever approved. Between January and July, 8 were nominated, only Merick Garland was not approved!!!

Mark Kelly's campaign for Senate in Arizona, where he could be in place on November 4 since Martha McSally was 'appointed' to John McClain's job.

McClain's wife endorsing Biden.

Waiting for my Biden/Harris bumper stickers. (We got a yard sign, but got a letter telling us the bumper stickers were delayed! How hard can it be to print bumper stickers?)

Wearing a mask has become normal to me.

A NetFlix show called "Away" about a trip to Mars, is amazing. I've watched 3 episodes--all of them great.

I'm almost finished with a thousand page novel about Cormoran Strike called Troubled Blood, it, like "Away" is incredible. It's written, under a pen name, by J.K. Rowling, who wrote all the Hogwarts novels. She's been in some controversy about transgendered people--but the woman CAN WRITE!!!

I'm still mourning RBG and not yet ready to truly attack the president and Senate.

But I will. 

I will.

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