Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Climate change

 It was cloudy in CT. The weather gurus told us over and again it was smoke from California and Oregon and Washington state's forest fires.

3000 miles the smoke has traveled!

How bad must it be out on the West Coast?

And hurricane Sally is flooding areas from Florida to Alabama and Mississippi. 

The 7th hurricane of the season. Three more storms are lining up across the Atlantic. Six is the average number of hurricanes a year until now. A month and a half left in hurricane season. It gets longer each year, just as forest fire season gets longer each year in the west.

Biden is proposing massive Climate Change legislation that would create millions of jobs.

And the President, just a day or two ago, meeting with the governor and scientists is California, denied climate change by saying, it will get 'cooler', believe me, it will.

I have four granddaughters. I want to give them a world that is safe.

If this president is re-elected, the world will grow more frightening.

Do what you need to do. Vote for Biden/Harris in November.

Only that will make my granddaughters world livable.

All opinions here are mine and mine alone.

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