Thursday, September 3, 2020

Brigit is getting better and other news

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Brigit is getting better. She's very much herself in the mornings but tires later. She at two meals today, but at odd times--but eating is good. I still quake when I see her tired and listless in the evenings. But a little at a time, I guess.

Both the president and Joe Biden went to Kenosha this week. What they did there couldn't be more different.

The president went to scenes of violence and spoke with the police. He did not speak with Jacob Blake or his family, apparently because they wanted their lawyer on the phone.

Biden talked to the victim's family and the victim by phone, met with community leaders in a church, including police.

Which approach to our future do you want?

Pointing to violence in otherwise peaceful protests and shielding the police and not speaking to those the police harmed?

Or reaching out to victims, meeting with the community and seeking to bring people together?

Seems obvious to me.

What about you?




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