Sunday, September 27, 2020

My sports teams

OK, I'll admit it. I root for the New York Yankees, the L.A. Lakers and the Chicago Bears.

It's the Yankees because when my father was in New York, waiting to ship out to WWII, someone gave him a ticket to a Dodgers/Yankees world series game and he decided to root for whichever team won the game.

That was the Yankees. So I grew up in southern West Virginia being a Yankee fan.

I love the Lakers because Jerry West, from East Bank, WV who led the WVU Mountaineers to their only trip to the NCAA finals, played his entire pro career with the Lakers and became part of the management after that.

I love the Bears because as a kid I admired their uniforms--Black helmets and jerseys and white pants at home; Black helmets, white jerseys and black pants on the road.

 Anyway, all my teams are doing great!

The Bears were behind to the Falcons 27-10 going into the 4th quarter today and I stopped watching. I shouldn't have. They scored three touchdowns in the 4th to win 31-27!

The Yankees are in the MLB playoffs, not as high ranked as I wish, but they had lots of injuries and all those guys are back for the post-season.

The Lakers won the Western Division 4-1 and will play either the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics in the finals. I hoped it would be the Celtics for old time's sake, but they're down in the Eastern Division and might not make it.

For those of you with no interest in sports, I apologize for this post....



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