Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A gentle, rainy day and a crazy president

 As you can tell from the title, you might not want to read this. But I assure you every thought and opinion here is mine and mine alone.

We had a long, gentle rain today, just what we needed.

The president flew to Kenosha and did a video with a man who is not the owner of a photo shop that was burned to the ground. He was a former owner. The current owner wouldn't meet with the president to let him turn the loss the owner felt into a political moment.

Plus, the president grieved for a right wing, armed radical who was killed, but not for the two blacks who were killed and one injured by a 17 year old shooter from another state who came to Kenosha to torment and threaten the peaceful protesters.

Plus--get this--the president would not admit the 17 year old killer was in any way guilty.

And he said, 'systemic racism' does not exist in the U.S.

God help us.

I was pleased by the gentle constant rain, just what we needed, as I said.

But I tremble at the thought of 4 more years for this president.

Things are in tatters because of his lack of leadership.

Biden/Harris on November 3rd--or before, if possible--since this president is trying to undermine voting.

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